Hiyya, the name's Velma.
15 / Female / Spanish-Filipino
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TERA Characters
Celestial Hills:
Nisshu, elin/berserker/lvl36
Onova, elin/sorcerer/lvl11

Tempest Reach:
Rurineaux, elin/berserker/lvl32
Beauu, elin/warrior/lvl03

Ascension Valley:
Athenarella, elin/lancer/lvl23
Xylotte, elin/sorcerer/lvl06


I disappeared from Tera for a few months bc my computer couldn’t handle the new updates—

But i’m back now, and i’ll make a new character ;U;

Which server would be the best?

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… doing everything but leveling x.x 

dont judge me D= 

Still obsessing over this… What’s this armor called? 3:

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The-Exiled-Realm-Of-Arborea has hit a whopping 65 followers!! In order to celebrate this amazing milestone, we will be hosting a giveaway! You can win one of three prizes, and all you have to do is follow some simple rules~


That’s pretty much it for rules :D To enter, like or reblog this. More reblogs, more entries. Just keep your ask boxes open!


  • First Prize: Character Bound Mount :: Any mount you want, for any toon you want (RNG mounts are the only exception, sorry)
  • Second Prize: Cosmetic Item :: Any cosmetic item for any toon you want, weapon skin or outfit (RNG outfits and Maid Uniforms are the exceptions)
  • Third Prize: Accessory :: Any face, head, or back accessory that you desire! (Again, RNG is an exception)

Pretty much anything purchasable from Valkyon Outfitters (This is for NA only x: ) is up for grabs! So go, like and reblog this, keep your ask boxes open, and wait for July 2nd, 11:59pm EST. Yes, you have approximately 62 hours to enter this contest. Its so easy, do it today <3

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Ailey, before the race change.

Was going through the screenies folder and stumbled upon it.

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I had some fun with random players!

What are the names for the 2 armors in the first picture? :3c

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Omg guys are those back accessories out on NA??? I want one sooo fucking baddddd!!! vqv

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Protecting Mr. Princess~

Anyone know the name of the armor for the elin all the way on the left? ^q^

Just ordered my new laptop~ i’ll be playing Tera with you guys in a few weeks~ :3c

Shit this whole BAM change thing is pissing me off… I had such a fun time killing BAMs with groups and stuff. Now reading all this BS about BAMs being soloable is pretty… Ughhh… :(